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A lot of people come to me and ask me for help regarding…THE BIZ. Thank god Bridey Elliott posted this compelling and informative tutorial. Kind of a “Tell all” regarding the in’s and out’s.


Actors!! I’ve compiled some fun helpful acting tips and tricks! Please enjoy and feel free to use them!!



Row Shriiiiimp

Produced by Red Door TV

The Goddamn Gallows performing two of their songs, ‘Smoke Satan’ and ‘Pass Me The Bottle’ at the Rock Island Brewing Company in Rock Island, Illinois.

Music performed by The Goddamn Gallows

Guitar & Vocals : Mikey Classic
Upright Bass & Vocals : Fish-Gutzzz
Banjo & Vocals : Joe Perreze
Drums : Baby Genius
Washboard/Spoons : Avery



Frank Otero
Anthony Saviano
Mandy Howe

Edited and Graded by: Frank Otero

Engineered by: Al Dimeo
Mixed by: Al Dimeo
Mastered by: Frank Otero

Watch this SUPER CUTE surprise video we shot and put together for our friend Amanda and her daughter Hannah.  Watch Hannah walk right past the pretty obvious surprise.  

Shot on a Canon 5d Mark II with a shoulder mount rig.  

Zeiss 50mm prime lense. 

Color with Magic Bullet Looks 2

Audio with Zoom H4n

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5

Dolly with chair while shoulder mounted used for dolly shots.

Technicolor CineStyle Color profile was used

Frank Otero - DP/Edit

Mandy Howe - Sound Recordist’

Music by The Civil Wars - Forget Me Not

(Source: ikilledredridinghood)

Have you ever wanted to watch a viral video before it went viral?  I’m giving you the chance….RIGHT NOW.  304 views as of right now.  Thank David Lewandowski for directing such a masterpiece. 

You can follow David on Twitter @badmocap

Check his other work at 

I want to pitch this to a client as a music video concept."I love your sound.  I think conceptually we need to put a horse into different rooms. It’s modern."

I want to pitch this to a client as a music video concept.

"I love your sound.  I think conceptually we need to put a horse into different rooms. It’s modern."

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Breaking Bad is the best show on television.
— The Frank Otero Gazette



Philip Bloom (DP) shot some idents for the Ultimate Strongman show for Challenge TV to be aired at the end of the year. 

He used the Red Epic (which I’m still hoping to use for the right project if one ever comes around *wink me) for the project.  3 Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses, Tokina 11-16 PL version, and the RED 18-50mm lense was used.  

Shot at 5k at 120FPS and 2k at 300FPS 

Grading was done with Magic Bullet Looks 2, which I highly recommend.  If you end up buying, which you should, use this promo code for 20% off ANY Magic Bullet product. Promo= bloom20 .  Go to to buy.  

Slow motion FTW.

Red Door TV is expanding, y’all

We’re working on our Southern drawl as much as we can in the Red Door TV world.  We’ve realized that we can only shoot so much in the Mid-West and have cornered the market pretty well.  The only logical next step is to E-X-P-A-N-D.  So gather up your dollars, pick up that dang phone, tell me how much you want that stinkin music video, and let’s GO TENNESSEE STYLE ON EVERYONES ASSES.  Red Door TV - Nashville is open for business.  We’re locked and loaded, so call us so we can shoot awesomeness all over the place.  

We even have a cool phone number with letters…kinda.

CALL US - 615-628-RDTV or 615-628-7388 for those who don’t have letters on your phone keypad.

I hope most of you like Squidbillies because that’s the version of “Rosetta Stone Dialect” that I’ve been working on.  

Also, I started a new rain dance craze in Printers Alley. 

I’ve had a hard time finding something worthwhile to post after such a strong first post.  Problem resolved.  

This is one of my favorite short form documentaries ever put together.  I have another documentary post waiting in the wings.   I’m usually pretty good at picking out equipment used, but I was really impressed to find out from one of the shooters that they used 2 Sony EX3's.  Get your Faygo out, grab some face paint, turn on your f-bombs, and get ready to enter a “family" affair.  Be careful though because you might get stabbed by a bald virgin.  WOOP WOOP!